Masaki Matsushima eyes i-S.P.I.C The 15th selected products by the Japanese Industrial Designer Association is awarded to i-S.P.I.C ISL-104 SHIORI CRAFSIS CRAFSIS CRF-109

President’s Message

“Create a pleasant and affluent life by the power of design”
Sunreeve is an integrated eyewear company that has remained dedicated to continually creating designs that fit with the times and manufacturing frames and sunglasses that focus on customer satisfaction.
Eyewear is widely recognized not only as a medical device but an important fashion item. We work every day toward the realization of people’s affluent lifestyles through joy and sensation that exist beyond design.
We consistently seek creative designs, develop quality products, and offer high-function eyewear suitable for the diverse lifestyles of people worldwide.

Hideyuki KANATANI, President & Representative Director (CEO)


Licence Brands

Private Brands

Corporate Principles

We implement creative organization and sound, positive management in return for the trust and expectation that people place in us, and aim to contribute to the realization of the ambitions held by everyone involved.
Creating lifestyles of abundant vision and sensitivity
We contribute to such lifestyles through our development and provision of highly functional and sophisticated eyewear.
Customer satisfaction
We act to improve the life of every company employee, enhance the prosperity and development of the company, and bring about the realization through the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Business Direction

Becoming a company that can continually surprise and impress people in the eyewear industry by developing revolutionary designs and functional products.
Enhancing the human power of each employee and building trust with customers through high-quality service.

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Transcending borders through creativity

The eyewear market has become increasingly borderless due to globalization since the end of the 20th century. For the purpose of meeting consumers’ requirements in a more positive way, we are enhancing the capability of our design division and manufacturing capacity. We provide our designed products to the world by constructing a stable and strong supply chain based on not only our wholly owned factory in China, Suzhou Sunreeve Optical Co., Ltd. (est. 1993), but manufacturing partnerships with sub-factories in Asian countries as well as in Sabae, Japan.

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Company Outline

Company name
Representavie Directors
Hirofumi MASUTA, Chairman
Hideyuki KANATANI, President
40 million Yen
Annual Turnover
4.0 billion Yen(5.4 billion Yen as the whole group) as of fiscal year 2019 (April).
November, 1954
October, 1966
Number of Employees
118(406 as the whole group) as of April 2019
Executive Vice President
Akinori ORIO
Executive Director
Yoriaki MASUDA
Business Field
Design, Development, Production, Wholesale of optical frames and sunglasses in domestic and overseas market
Head office
15-22 Sugimocho-cho, Sabae-city, Fukui-pref.
916-0005 Japan
TEL 0778-52-0111 FAX 0778-52-0121
Fukui Branch
15-22 Sugimocho-cho, Sabae-city, Fukui-pref.
916-0005 Japan
TEL 0778-52-1331 FAX 0778-52-1335
Tokyo branch
Kawakami No.2 Building 3F, Yotsuya 2-8, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0004, Japan
TEL 03-5368-2266 FAX 03-3226-3322
Fukuoka branch
Hakata Pearl Building 8F, Hakataeki Minami 1-3-8, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city 812-0016, Japan
TEL 092-474-3090 FAX 092-474-3099
Sunreeve Group

GLASS GARDEN (Optical Retail Store, a division of Sunreeve)

2-907-1 Kaminaka-cho, Sabae-shi, Fukui, 916-0016 JAPAN
Tel:0778-52-7117 Fax:0778-52-9292


SUZHOU SUNREEVE OPTICAL CO., LTD. (100% owned subsidiary)

1738, Huayuan Road, High-Tech Industrial Park, Kunshan Development District, Jiangsu 215316 CHINA
Tel:86-512-5779-1340 Fax:86-512-5779-2174


SHANGHAI AITA OPTICAL CO., LTD. (100% owned subsidiary)

282-15 Gangye Road, Dakun Industrial District, Songjiang, Shanghai, CHINA
Tel:86-21-57855475 Fax:85-21-57855586

Affiliated company


809B Incubation Centre,NO.268 DengYun Road,KunShan, JiangSu,China
Tel:86-512-57370280 Fax:86-512-57371580
Business:Wholesale and retail of nursing care products in China



Room 713,714, 6 Lane 1279 Zhong Shan W Road, Shanghai P.R.C.
Tel:86-21-51168206 Fax:86-21-32090285
Business:Distribution of eyewear in China

Development Bank of Japan / Hokuriku Branch
Japan Finance Corporation / Fukui Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank / Fukui Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Fukui Branch
Fukui Bank / Shinmei Branch
Hokuriku Bank / Shinmei Branch
Fukui Shinkin Bank / Shinmei Branch

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Company History

1954 NOV
Shinagawa Optical founded.
1966 OCT
Shinagawa Optical Co., Ltd. established.
1970 OCT
Company name changed to Sunreeve Optical Co., Ltd.
1980 NOV
"RENOMA" license obtained.
1983 MAY
Technology for electrodeposition coating established.
1985 JUL
Technology for pure titanium frame manufacture established.
1988 AUG
Act Sunreeve Co., Ltd. and Sanei Manufactory Co., Ltd. founded.
1989 AUG
Expansion of main factory completed.
1990 AUG
Corporate Identity (CI) program implemented.
Company name changed to Sunreeve Co., Ltd. Name of Act Sunreeve Co. Ltd. changed to Act Co., Ltd.; name of Sanei Manufactory Co., Ltd. changed to Sanei Co., Ltd.
1992 SEP
Automatic plating line completed.
1995 MAY
Own brand Takumi (Oval) launched at MIDO for the worldwide market.
1995 JUL
"Disney Character" brand license obtained.
1995 OCT
Good Design Award received for "NEUX", "OVAL", and "RENOMA" brands.
1996 JUN
"MA-JI MASATOMO" brand license obtained.
1997 APR
Operation of the optical frame factory in China (Suzhou Sunreeve Co., Ltd.) commenced.
1997 OCT
Operation of the plating factory in China (Suzhou Sunreeve Co., Ltd.) commenced.
Good Design Award received for "MA-JI" and "OVAL" brands.
1998 OCT
Good Design Award received for "OVAL" brand.
1999 MAR
"HELLO KITTY" brand license obtained.
2000 FEB
ISO 9002 certification obtained by Suzhou Sunreeve Optical.
2000 JUN
"CHARLES JOURDAN" brand license obtained.
2000 OCT
Good Design Award received for "AIRWALK" and "OVAL" brands.
2000 DEC
"MASAKI MATSUSHIMA" brand license obtained.
2001 NOV
"GLASS GARDEN" optical retail store opened.
2002 OCT
Good Design Award received for "MA-JI MASATOMO" brands.
2003 APR
"SYBILLA" brand license obtained.
2003 OCT
"INDIVI" brand license obtained.
2004 JAN
ISO 9001 certification obtained by Kunshan Sunreeve Electroplate.
2004 OCT
Good Design Award received for "MA-JI MASATOMO" and "MASAKI MATSUSHIMA" and "OVAL" brands.
2005 SEP
"KEN OKUYAMA" brand license obtained.
2005 OCT
Good Design Award received for "MA-JI MASATOMO" and "MASAKI MATSUSHIMA" brands.
2006 OCT
Good Design Award received for "MASAKI MATSUSHIMA" and “OVAL” brands.
2006 DEC
Takeover of Sanei Co., Ltd. implemented and its production line transferred to China.
2007 OCT
Good Design Award received for "MA-JI MASATOMO" and "MASAKI MATSUSHIMA" and "OVAL" brands (13 consecutive years award as Sunreeve).
2008 MAY
Own brand "BLACK GALLERY SPECTACLES" launched at MIDO for the worldwide market.
2010 MAR
"LOTTO" brand license obtained.
2011 SEP
SHANGHAI BROADVISION OPTICS Co.,LTD established in September 2011 as a joint-venture company of Suzhou Sunreeve Optical Co., Ltd.
2011 NOV
“TK” brand license obtained.
2013 MAR
Own brand “i-S.P.I.C” 1st collection launched for the worldwide market.
2014 JAN
“i-S.P.I.C” selected as “JIDA design museum selection VOL.15”.
2014 APR
Takeover of Act Co., ltd. implemented.
2014 JUN
Shanghai Aita Optical Co., Ltd. merged as 100% owned subsidiary.
2015 APR
A new functional product “Glider” as our own brand release.
2015 JUN
Kunshan Naka Smartech Co., Ltd. established as a joint-venture company.
2016 FEB
Our own brand “Petty” launched at 2016 Tokyo International Gift Show Spring.
2016 APR
“adidas originals” brand exclusive distributorship obtained under the agreement with Italia Independent.
2016 MAY
Our own brand “CRAFSIS” as Made in Sabae products launched.
2016 SEP
All shares of Kunshan Sunreeve Electroplate Co., Ltd. as a plating factory in China transferred.
2017 APR
Our own brand “XWIRE”
2017 SEP
Our own brand “M.O.S.S.”
“BEAMS DESIGN” brand license obtained.

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Head office and Fukui Branch

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